Waiting Room

Prior to each session, attendees will be brought into a Waiting Room where they will remain until the session begins at the posted start time. Attendees are required to enter the waiting rooms in order to access the sessions.

Each session's waiting room is available with the following customizations:

30-second Commercial: video will be combined with a conference-produced slide loop that will play automatically, upon entering the waiting room, and loop continuously until the session begins.

Banner Ad:  To help us promote your company and branded channel activities, you may supply a digital ad that will be included in the waiting room. Must be 728 x 90. Best to have a visually appealing ad that drives people to your branded channel and facilitated discussions. See sample waiting room page for placement details.

Content Asset: you may upload one content asset. Assets may include Session Presentation Slides, Whitepapers, Case Studies, Sell-Sheets, and other written materials. Must be under 10MBs. Please provide the title of the content asset as you would like it to appear on your branded channel webpage.


Sample Waiting Room