Branded Channel Specifications

Branded Channel Materials

All Legalweek sponsors receive the following: 

Company Logo:  Your Company Logo should be 400 pixels wide minimum, with transparent background (PNG), or high resolution JPG.  

Company Description:  Briefly describe your company and services in 500 characters or less.

Content Assets:  You may upload up to six content assets. Content assets may include Whitepapers, Case Studies, Sell-Sheets, and other resource links. Please provide the title of each content asset as you would like it to appear on your branded channel webpage.

Video Assets:  You may upload up to three promotional videos to display on your branded channel page. Videos files should be in MP4 format, 16:9 aspect ratio preferred, and under 10MBs each.  If your video files are greated than 10MBs, please provide download links in the allocated fields.