I’m having issues submitting a nomination. Whom can I contact?

Please reach out to Recognition Desk Manager, Pearl Wu, at

I’d like to request an extension. Do you allow extensions?

It depends on the contest. Please contact Pearl Wu at for any extension requests.

I’d like to submit a nomination for Trailblazers. Whom can I contact with questions?

Please contact Maria Stojanovic at for more information on Trailblazers.

We need to go over a word limit. Will we be disqualified?

Please contact Pearl Wu for more details – it depends on the contest.

Do you have a list of ALM editorial contests this year?


Can I get on a distro list for editorial contests?

Yes, please contact marketing manager Anisa Choudhary to be added.

Why isn’t Trailblazers listed with the editorial contests?

Trailblazers are business-side contests, and run by our business managers. Our editorial team does not work on these contests.

I’d like to find out more about a research survey (AmLaw 200, NLJ 500, Pro Bono Scorecard, etc.). How can I do that?

For research surveys (AmLaw 200, NLJ 500, Pro Bono Scorecard, etc.), please contact Diane Walton You can also sign up for research survey notifications here:

Where can I see a list of international awards/events at ALM?

For International ALM awards, please visit the ALM Events page and click “Awards Events” for a full list.

Event Logistics:

Do honorees attend the regional award events for free?

Yes, this virtual program can be viewed free of charge.

If I am not able to view the virtual announcement at the broadcasted time, is there a way I can see it another time?

Yes a video recording will be available on the event website on-demand following the initial airing.

What is the timing of the event? The invitation doesn’t tell me enough.

The virtual program will begin at 5:00 pm ET.  We are unable to share the order of the award presentations.