2019 Leisure Activity Options

Attendees get to take part in one of two unique and fun activities as part of their all-inclusive registration.

Option #1


Sip Wine. Savor Memories. Nothing brings people together quite like a little wine and a little painting does. The beauty around Estancia La Jolla is inspiration so put a paint brush in one hand and a glass of Trinitas wine in the other and get ready to let your creative juices flow.

Option #2


Minutes down the road from Estancia is the renowned Blacks Beach. For some outdoor fitness and to feel the fresh ocean breeze on your face, take a guided hike. There is a trail for every hiking adventurist with stunning views and beach access for a jump in the ocean.

How do I book my leisure activity?

Approximately 2-3 weeks before the event, you will receive a pre-event survey. This survey will give you the option to select which leisure activity you would like to participate in along with information regarding one-on-one appointments, your accommodations, dietary requirements and any other special requirements. It is very important that you complete this survey.