Open Access: Utah, California, Arizona, Oh My. What Changes to Law Firm Ownership Rules Really Mean
Date & Time
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Hon. Deno Himonas Rebecca Sandefur Hon. Ann Timmer Andrew Arruda Ralph Baxter
There are concerted efforts in several states to loosen the restrictions on who can practice law or have an ownership stake in law firms. How are these efforts different than ones in the past? What do law firms in those states have to say about it? What do regulators have to say? Are clients in favor?
This session will discuss:
  • The parameters around these proposed changes
  • What the impact will be for providers if they are implemented?
  • Who is driving the changes and why?
  • Will this spread?


Andrew Arruda - Cofounder/CEO, ROSS Intelligence
Hon. Deno Himonas - Justice, Utah Supreme Court
Hon. Ann A. Scott Timmer -  Vice Chief Justice, Arizona Supreme Court
Rebecca Sandefur - Professor, Arizona State University


Ralph Baxter