When will you call the referees?

We will no longer be contacting the referees. Instead, please provide a written reference in your submission.

Our referees would like to remain confidential, will their responses be published?

No, we will not publish this information.

Can I submit any confidential information in my submission?

For the Deal categories, we do not accept confidential deals. We do however accept confidential disputes matters given that the specifics are disclosed to us. We encourage you to submit only matters you can disclose.

For the Firm and Lawyer categories, we can accept some confidential elements if they are marked as such.

Do you accept ongoing cases?

Yes we do accept ongoing cases that have been decided. We don't accept cases that have not had a decision. The logic behind this is we accept only cases you won or are otherwise successful. You can't claim success on a case that's not decided. But if you have a won but the opposing party has appealed and you want to submit that win, that's fine.

When you say 'We will not accept the same submission placed into multiple categories' does that mean we can't submit the same deal for the Deal & Firm categories?

You are welcome to talk about the deal in both, we just don’t want the exact same submission copied and pasted multiple times.