‘Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.’ — Peter Drucker

The Global Elite is an unrivalled membership club that lets remarkable people come together. And when they do, they unleash transformational ideas that expand their ambitions and shape the private client world around them. The impact of the collaborations that begin at The Elite is felt far beyond the boundaries of our membership events.

Above all, The Global Elite is a community of thinkers who gravitate towards one another, share a common curiosity and are looking to create and cement relationships.

With a strong focus on leadership and change management for both The Elite and their Rising Leaders, the Mini MBA and Rising Leaders Forum offers many opportunities for individuals to develop their role as a strategic partner.

Agenda at a glance
Wednesday October 16th 2019- Mini MBA Global Elite
Focused on strategic planning, utilising disruption, “orchestrating” and leveraging the power of “doubt.”

Thursday October 17th 2019 -  Mini MBA Rising Leaders
Focused on how law firms operate and the decisions that have to be taken in order to ensure commercial and financial success.

Friday October 18th 2019 – Rising Leaders Forum
Launched alongside Piers Barclay, Macfarlanes, we have created an opportunity for the world’s up and coming private client lawyers to come together and debate the most challenging issues in 2019.

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