1. How is the Mini MBA taught?
  • Case studies, lectures and small group discussions enable attendees to deliberate on the determinants of sustained firm success, give exposure to real-world issues and help work through possible approaches decision making about real-life management problems.
  • The result is a unique learning event which blends academic and practically based sessions to provide partners not only with an in-depth understanding of the concepts of law firm management and the partner role, but also with the skills to apply those concepts in their daily working lives.
2. What format does the Rising Leaders Forum take?
The Forum is based around interaction and requires frequent reflection and discussion about the application of the relevant topic to specific situations in participants’ business. There is a maximum of three panelists, who will not be seated, but 'roam' the room, with the aim to engage and inspire.

3. Who are The Rising Leaders?
Rising Leaders are the next generation of leaders, who the firm is expecting to take on a leadership role in the near future. The aim is to prepare them for these new roles by inspiring change by developing a holistic understanding of the challenges facing, and the skills and perspectives required of, effective law firm leaders.

4. What is included in my place?
It depends if you're a Global Elite member, a Global Elite member's Rising Leader or a non-member. Please check our registration page for more information.

5. Is it possible to stay?
Yes, please contact Rachael at rtoovey@alm.com for more information.

6. Are non-Elite members allowed to attend?
Yes, non-members can attend. Please check the registration page.
7. Can my spouse join me?
Unfortunately spouses are not able to attend.
8. What is the dress code?
Business casual