What are the benefits of submitting entries and getting shortlisted for the awards?

These awards are very well recognised in Africa. Being shortlisted, or winning an award gives you the exposure in the legal community to show that you are among the best in the region.

What is the deadline for submission(s)?

28th April 2023

How long has the African Legal Awards existed?

The awards have been running for 10 years with each year bringing a more pan-African audience.

How do I see the submission form?

Once you login to the secure portal, you can access all the submission forms. You do not need to complete the submission right away, you can go in to view and complete at a later date, just ensure this is before the April 28 deadline.

Can I submit my entry via email?

Email submissions will not be accepted. All submissions need to be made on the online portal.

Are there any financial obligations?

Submitting entries is free of charge. If shortlisted for an award, you would be expected to attend the award ceremony at a cost.

What exposure will we get?

If you are shortlisted for an award, the exposure would be: A listing on the event website, a finalist banner which you can use for social media, your name will be printed among the shortlist in the event programme and on-screen at the awards ceremony. If you would be interested in more exposure, we have some sponsorship packages available, please contact John Radley at JRadley@alm.com to find out more.

Can we submit confidential deals?

Yes you can submit a confidential deal, just please include as much detail as you possibly can. If there is a great lack of detail, it could impact your chance of success. There is a checkbox at the end of the submission asking if it is confidential, so you just also need to ensure that it is ticked.


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