Industry - General Counsel Awards

Banking & Finance
Transportation & Infrastructure
Manufacturing & Chemicals
Technology, Media & Telecom
Retail & Consumer Goods

Law Firm & In-House Awards

Innovative Leaders

Women who are the thinkers, the idea women. Women who are looked at as the ones impacting change and developing new strategies for better solutions.

Thought Leadership

Women who focus on how true leadership can change the world. It is their passion and drive to have a successful department/team through their outstanding leadership skills.

Collaborative Leadership

Women who stand out as working well with others – the “team players.”

Women's Legal Awards

Women who are truly able to put in place important and lasting changes in their organization/firm.

General Counsel of the Year / Managing Partner of the Year

Women who have had a huge, impactful year. A year that stands out among their peers.

Lifetime Achievement

Women who had made their lasting mark on the profession over their years of hard work.