301 360-degree View on how to Navigate a Crisis
Date & Time
Thursday, October 17, 2019, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Beth A. Stewart Jaye Campbell Michelle Fang Sarah Isgur Mónica Bernstein Anjali Chaturvedi
When an event threatens the viability or integrity of your company, you have a crisis on your hands. The crisis could start with a natural disaster, government investigation or high profile litigation, and more. Whatever the disaster may be, company management will turn to you for direction. However, handling a crisis situation goes beyond the office of the GC with CMOs, outside counsel, PR firms and more weighing in on the best strategies for handling the event. During this session, our panel of experts will explore the following topics to arm you with a plan to protect the company and minimize long-term problems: - Building a crisis management team and understanding each person’s unique role -Preparedness – advance planning and assessing potential risk areas - First Response – responding in the critical first hours and days to minimize the long-term impact - Resolution Strategy – managing various actions stemming from the crisis to enable the best resolution for the company