Categories Open for Nominations

The National Law Journal is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the 2024 Elite Trial Lawyers Awards, which spotlight industry-leading plaintiffs lawyers and firms.

In 2024, the Elite Trial Lawyers awards ceremony will be held in July in New York City. The deadline for submissions is March 22, 2024.

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ALM's Elite Trial Lawyers has recognized U.S. based law firms that have performed exemplary and cutting-edge work on behalf of plaintiffs since 2015.

The 2024 program seeks nominations in the following areas of law:


Antitrust plaintiffs seek to prevent anticompetitive behavior and mergers that deprive U.S. citizens of the benefits of competition. Describe an antitrust case you fought for plaintiffs and the challenges you met that led to this victory.

Business Torts

At its core, the business torts field focuses on combating wrongful acts that could lead to a company's financial loss or harm to its reputation. Describe a recent lawsuit you handled in this field and how your work resulted in victory.

Catastrophic Injury

In cases where someone has been injured due to negligence, personal injury lawyers are there to aid the victim during a difficult time. Describe a case where you fought for the plaintiff and challenges you met that led to a courtroom victory.

Civil Rights/Discrimination (Non-Employment)

Discrimination and civil rights that do not include employment cases. Describe a case where you fought for the plaintiff and challenges you met that led to a courtroom victory.

Class Action

When a lawsuit involves multiple plaintiffs, a large group or "class" will be formed and led by a member or members to combat large corporations or businesses that have a vast reach. Describe a class action case you fought on behalf of the plaintiffs and challenges you met that led to a victory.

Consumer Protection

Despite federal regulations designed to protect them, some consumers still face deceptive sale practices, faulty products or inaccurate credit reporting. Consumer protection lawyers work alongside buyers to protect them from unfair business practices. Describe a consumer protection case you have won against a business and how it helped the plaintiffs.

Discrimination (including Employment)

The #MeToo movement as well as nationwide campaigns for social and racial justice have led to an increase in claims for equal rights and equal pay in the workplace. Describe a recent lawsuit you waged and how you managed to succeed for the plaintiffs.

Employment Rights

Workplace regulation is important to keep a solid relationship between employers and employees and ensure the workers’ rights are being met. But when problems arise involving workplace safety, unfair wages, discrimination or wrongful termination, employment rights lawyers are there to help find a solution. Describe a recent court victory in this area and how you achieved it.

Environmental Protection (including Energy and Sustainability)

While governments and private corporations have publicly committed to meeting the challenges of environmental pollution and global climate change, these commitments don’t always translate into action for the people immediately affected by pollution or natural disasters. Describe an environmental case you waged for the plaintiffs and the challenges you met leading to a courtroom victory.

Governmental Representation

In the government representation field, firms represent governmental entities in claims against alleged wrongdoers. Describe a recent court victory in this space and how you achieved it.


In the insurance field, policies and claims must follow federal and state laws. Insurance claims can involve anything from motorist coverage to natural disasters. Describe an insurance case you fought for on behalf of a plaintiff or plaintiffs and the challenges you met that led to a victory.

Mass Torts

When a civil action involving numerous injured plaintiffs occurs against a defendant or defendants in state or federal court, mass tort attorneys are there to seek justice. Describe a mass torts case you argued for plaintiffs and how you succeeded.

Medical Malpractice

When a physician’s act or omission deviates from the standard of care and harms a patient, medical malpractice attorneys are there to help the plaintiffs. Describe a recent court victory in this space and how you won.

Pharmaceutical Litigation

When harm results from a prescription or over-the-counter drug, medical device or related product, pharmaceutical attorneys are there to help seek justice. Describe an important case you fought for plaintiffs and the challenges you faced that eventually led to a win in the courtroom.

Privacy/Data Breach

Now more than ever privacy data is an area of concern amid hackers attempting to steal your personal documentation, banking information, medical data, e-mail access and more. Privacy and data breach lawyers are there to help secure personal information and protect plaintiffs from future hacks. Describe a case you have won on behalf of your client(s) and how it impacted them going forward.

Products Liability

When a person encounters a defective consumer item, product liability attorneys are there to hold businesses accountable. Describe a product liability case you have won against a company and how it impacted the plaintiff(s).

Securities Litigation/ Shareholder Rights

With U.S. stock markets mostly moving in bull territory over the last year, individual investors have been increasingly open to innovative investment strategies without always understanding the risks and financial disclosures. As a result, shareholder fraud cases have increased, often no longer centered around big corporations abusing their power when contributing to their employees’ 401Ks - but more and more with individuals and small business owners as the fraud victims. Describe a recent court victory in this space and how you achieved it.


As consumers use apps and social media in nearly every aspect of their professional and personal lives, the issue of data security, data fraud and abuse of personal information for commercial purposes has led to an increase in litigation against tech companies. Please describe a high-stakes case you have won against a technology company and how it helped the plaintiffs.

Transportation (including Aviation)

Transportation systems have been affected by ever growing challenges due to the pandemic, while consumers and transportation personnel have faced unparalleled health and other risks. Describe a recent lawsuit you pursued in this field and how you achieved a decisive victory.

Trial Strategy Innovation

Demonstrate how your firm evolved an area of law, the way courts or companies operate or how cases are tried.

Plaintiff Attorney of the Year

This award honors a member of the bar who has shown extraordinary creativity in bringing the legal industry together, developing new opportunities for business growth, and supporting the professional development of attorneys across the country. 500 word essay.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award honors members of the plaintiffs bar whose career and service have made an indelible mark on their community, their clients, and/or the practice or business of law. 

Elite Women of the Plaintiffs Bar

This award recognizes and celebrates women lawyers who have consistently excelled in high-stakes matters on behalf of plaintiffs. 

Rising Stars of the Plaintiffs Bar

We will honor a select group of young lawyers who are up-and-comers in the plaintiffs bar, already demonstrating their litigation prowess, service to the community, and/or impact on their firm. Nominees must be under the age of 40 by the nomination deadline.

Diversity Initiative Award

This award will honor the plaintiff's firm that demonstrates a concerted and successful effort to promote diversity within its organization or the profession at large. Clear examples, an explanation of the strategy or program, and any supporting data should be included in the submission. 

Plaintiff Law Firm of the Year

This prestigious award goes to a law firm that has had an exceptional year across its service offerings, netting big wins but also showing a commitment to and progress in an area not solely related to their practice and results delivered for their clients, but also related to diversity efforts or innovation in litigation strategy. This award covers the time frame from January 2023 through the date of submission. The winning firm will be profiled in The National Law Journal.

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