London Resilience Breakfast

The Resilient GC: Stay out of the Burn-out Zone


As a GC, you’re a corporate leader, living a life which has similarities to the life of an athlete – high performance expectations but also scrutiny from others. However, there is a big and significant difference - corporate leaders have far less recovery time!


Being resilient as a GC means you need to be both a ‘sprinter’ and ‘long distance runner’, able to deliver high bursts of energy at times of crisis, as well as sustaining the relentless pace over the constant grind of long term projects, challenging environments and potentially across international time zones. And, to be resilient, means you can’t ‘burn-out’.


The World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases now regards ‘Burn-out’ as an Occupational Phenomenon. At this first Resilience focused session GLL is hosting in partnership with Courageous Co., we are going to address what this could mean for GCs and help you raise awareness about how you can manage your own well-being. We want to help you stay out of the burn-out zone.  


By the end of this session, you will be able to identify which performing zones you’re operating in and what rituals might work for you to make sure you have the physical and mental stamina to influence the agenda, make key decisions, motivate others and deliver to the best of your abilities sustainably.


At the end of the session, we will invite you to share feedback and collaborate with us to identify what GLL can do in the coming months and years to support you to be strategic and resilient business leaders.


Event Details


Wednesday 12 Febraury 

Home House


8:00 am - 10:30 am 

Dress Code: 

Please come in gym/athleisure gear. We won’t be getting sweaty but you will need to move easily and you will be moving!