LegalWeek 2020 is excited to inaugurate the Leadership Academy, a dynamic 4-Part series specifically targeting the development of tomorrow's leaders in law. Synergizing elements of its popular Mini-MBA lawyering program together with developments in legal innovation, the Leadership Academy prepares tomorrow's leaders with the latest in technology tools and leadership training to help drive the business and practice of law forward.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Mini MBA

Whether you're negotiating a sexual harassment settlement, incorporating a new business entity, or closing a mega M&A deal, it is critical to for you to comprehend the finance, tax, and accounting implications in your client's matter.  This doesn't mean supplanting the wise counsel of a CPA or Tax Lawyer, but it does mean gaining enough of an appreciation to issue-spot early enough in your case to make impactful strategic decisions.  This session will elevate your understanding of key finance, tax & accounting principals that impact key litigations and transactions.  From understanding the intersection of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”) and International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”), to assessing the financial health and performance of a company by looking at key triggers in its reported financial information, all the way to understanding how an emotional distress settlement is treated by the IRS, you will come out of this workshop seminar well-equipped to address your client's matter from a key financial and tax perspective.                                   

Key Takeaways:  

How tax implications impact your decision about selecting causes of action and forum shopping, as well business formation situs;

How financial disclosure requirements are triggered by litigation; Learn about key accounting concepts, such as GAAP & IFRS;                                                             

Group exercise:  How to assess the tax implications of a mock sexual harassment settlement

Becoming an effective leader at work is essential to advancing your career objectives, influence, earning potential, and even your sense of self-worth.  So, how do we become effective leaders, especially for those of us that aren't naturally inclined?  In this Masterclass, we'll explore the ten most common leadership styles; social media techniques to elevate your personal brand and influence; and key crisis management tips for dealing with emergent client situations.  We'll also explore effective approaches to business development.              

Key Takeaways:  

Discover the ten most common leadership styles;

Using sound tonality & nonverbal cues to project confidence;

Developing storytelling skills for live audiences & digital ones;

What they taught me in Toastmasters;

Finding a growth mentor/coach within your firm or company; Crisis management tools.  

Group exercise:  Mock sales pitch

Lawyer of the Future Workshop

In some ways eDiscovery may seem like the aloof stepchild of litigation and digitilization, to which only those with esoterical knowledge & specialized certifications venture.  If you're an eDiscovery professional, you already know how far-reaching eDiscovery can be, whether it has driven your client's overall winning trial strategy, spawned the next generation of data science tools in law, or happened to have forged new interdisciplinary fields such as information governance.  For eDiscovery veterans, this session will provide a refresh on the latest developments in caselaw, technology, and best practices.  However, if you're not an eDiscovery wonk, you may not appreciate the ubiquitous nature of it or how critical it is to driving the overall success of legal operations and adjacent practice areas.  For non-eDiscovery professionals, this session will open your eyes to the inner-workings of eDiscovery and potential career opportunities.  Regardless of your experience level, this sessions we will re-examine the core fundamentals of eDiscovery; highlight caselaw precedents (both settled & emerging) as they pertain to the profiliferation of mobile data devices; pinpoint how the technology is both benefitting from and spawning new data science developments; explore alternative career pathways & trends; and provide a glimpse into the future of the eDiscovery.                                          

Key TakeAways:

Learn core eDiscovery concepts, challenges & techniques;

Understand how mobile data is pushing the limits of the practice;

How to breed a culture of innovation at your firm;

Group exercise:  Mock VC pitch on an innovative product or solution.   

Innovation hubs are no longer the exclusive domain of corporates, ALSPs, and tech companies.  They're now beginning to take shape at large law firms.  If you possess entreprenuerial DNA and solving big-ticket items within the legal industry, such as client pricing, delivery models, and social justice, excite your passions, then legal innovation may be your calling.  In this thought-provoking workshop, we'll profile successful innovation programs, hubs & accelerators within the law firm sector and their ability to effect real change within the legal profession.  

Key Takeaways:

 Learn about the driving forces & trends shaping legal innovation;

Profiling innovation hubs & initiatives at BigLaw;

How to breed a culture of innovation at your firm;                                                      

Group exercise:  Mock VC pitch on an innovative product or solution