Flipping Ratios: How to Control Outside Counsel Spend & Bring Work Back In-House
Date & Time
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Dave Deitering Constance Mockaitis Kate Orr
For years, the Office of the General Counsel was charged with the management of outside counsel and legal spend. That’s still a responsibility today, but forward-thinking Legal Operations teams are using technology, smart processes and analytics to flip the ratio of in-house to outside counsel spend, shift work back in-house, or even expand their legal services ecosystem to include a broader array of more efficient providers. In this session, learn the meaningful insights you can use to optimize the selection of outside counsel, enforce the terms of engagement, and control costs.
Key Takeaways:
● Methods for optimizing your use of outside counsel to reduce costs.
● The types of work that can be brought in-house or pushed to legal service providers to reduce costs.
● Ways to utilize data to drive meaningful insights and legal spend savings.
Mitratech Moderator:
Dave Deitering, Vice President of Global Support, Mitratech