Find the fix, control the crisis
We all have a right to privacy - it’s a universal human right enshrined in law. Schillings defends this right, protecting people from unwarranted attacks on their reputation, privacy and security. We are the first phone call to make when faced with a problem. Schillings is the only business in the world to deploy – under one roof – investigators, intelligence agents, political risk experts, strategic communicators, digital reputation experts, cyber security specialists, forensic psychiatric experts and hostage negotiators together with litigation lawyers from the fields of business crime, media law, privacy, data protection and intellectual property. Our people are superheroes in their field – and their combined skills create a powerful team to tackle and fix any crisis, no matter how sensitive.

Since 1984, we have fought against fake news, malicious falsehood and the misuse and proliferation of personal data. We have protected our clients and set precedents that have changed the law to better protect people’s privacy and security. In today’s “post-truth” age, the need for facts, accuracy and evidence is greater than ever before – and our heritage in this area sets us apart from the rest. It’s why we have the largest team of defamation and privacy lawyers in the world, trusted by businesses, governments and high-profile players in the entertainment sector, and known for their ground-breaking wins for clients. From high value commercial litigation, to threats from fixated individuals, we support you at your most vulnerable times, upholding your rights and, when necessary, fighting on your behalf.

Schillings Be Kind – Pro Bono/CSR
Our purpose is to protect and defend the fundamental human right to be free from unfair attacks on privacy, reputation and security – and we have a responsibility to ensure that justice is not rationed by ability to pay. While our work often sets precedents that benefit the wider public, we also take on pro bono work where feel we can make a significant impact on the rights of vulnerable people.

Our work in this area includes: