Tuesday 20 June 2023

6:30 pm - 10:00 pm | Introduction, Drinks & Dinner at the Oxford Wine Cafe

Wednesday 21 June 2023

Developing a Business Perspective
Speaker: Stephen Brookson, ACA Finance Expert, Coach and Author

9.30 am - 5.00pm

As the world is changing so too are the demands being placed on lawyers and legal teams.  It is imperative that we apply a wider business lens to decision-making and take a broad range of factors into account when providing advice and expertise to the business.  

The day will provide you with greater financial awareness and understanding to enable you to participate more confidently in business discussions with your colleagues across your respective organisations.  The day will also provide you with a range of strategic tools and methodologies with which to evaluate your own business context, resulting in a more holistic perspective which you will then be able to apply to current and future opportunities.

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm | Drinks Reception and Dinner at Somerville College

Thursday 22 June 2023

Developing a Global Perspective 
Speaker: Dr Helena Boschi, Renowned Psychologist, Speaker and Author, Chequered Leopard

9.30 am - 5.00pm

Working successfully in global teams requires an ability to navigate different countries and cultures.  Cultural differences can often be a source of frustration and irritation, leading to various communication and operational issues in the workplace.  In a world of where we are expected to bring together a range of experiences and disciplines from various parts of the world, it is increasingly important to be aware of different cultural nuances, practices, sensitivities and taboos when working internationally. 

The morning session will equip you with a fascinating and thorough view of how the world has been analysed by different cultural researchers.  It will explore different attitudes to space, time, language, power, change and tradition.  It will also look at how language  is used across the world, the impact of tonality, the use of listening patterns and the importance of meaning.  

During the afternoon you will pull all the learning together both from this session and the previous day in a dynamic afternoon of scenario planning, designed to provide you with possible and relevant  challenges that you will need to address from multiple perspectives.  

7:00 pm -  10:00 pm | Drinks Reception and Dinner at The Randolph Hotel 

Friday 23 June 2023

Leading Through Transformation
Speaker: Steve Elstein, Co-Founder of Courageous Co.

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

The word ‘Transformation’ is on the lips of every executive leadership team, whether it be driven by evolving market forces, the emergence of new technologies or geopolitics. To effectively lead and deliver on a Transformation strategy, you must win hearts and minds over to new ways of thinking and working, even if they seem hard to reach today.

In this Leadership Lab, you will explore the Five Mindsets for Transformation needed to drive meaningful change. You will assess your innate thinking preferences and consider how these impact your own approach to leading Transformation. You will explore techniques that help decode how your teams are wired and where they might need support to best enable meaningful change to occur. We will then apply our Framework for Leadership Interoperability to capture potential areas where you can increase Transformational capacity within your organisation.

You will use experiential techniques to identify the degrees of stretch needed to move yourself, your team and your stakeholders forwards. You will start to plan how to embed this into your existing workstreams. This will be an energising and interactive session that will give you some tangible outputs you can use immediately.