GLL Exchange Africa

Friday 2 September 2022


9:00 AM - 9:15 AM | Welcome Comments from the Co-Chairs
Natasha Pramchand, VP General Counsel Corporate and Commercial COE, Massmart 
Lindi Atieno Vundla, Former Senior Counsel: Sub-Saharan Africa, Uber 

9:15 AM  – 10:00 AM | Navigating Global Disruption - The Art of Crisis Management 
In today's world the risk profile of companies changes at lightning speed. During this interactive discussion, general counsel members will candidly share their own war stories and the key steps that they have implemented to ensure they can lead the organisation through the next era of global chaos. They will share their most important lessons learnt, whilst also sharing what they would do differently in the future. 
Moderator: Alison Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa 
Scarlate Masiye, Executive Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance, Bridgestone Southern Africa 
Shivani Singh, Legal Advisor South Africa, Santova Group 
Matthew Welz, Head of Legal & Company Secretary, Clicks Group Limited 

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM | ESG: The Perfect Storm to Drive Value for Your Organisation
Corporations are increasingly being measured by more than just their stock price, and political leaders are highlighting their dedication to ESG issues. The growing collaborative capacity of the GC gives them an ideal vantage point to lead creative innovative changes. The speakers will explore the confusing landscape to provide you with a coherent idea of the direction of the reporting standards and the developing rules at a global level. They will discuss how they are defining corporate citizenship, how they are influencing others, and the steps legal departments can take to incite change. 

Moderator: Alison Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa 
Yvonne Perumal, General Counsel, Liberty Group South Africa
Salathiel Seotsanyana, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Mphahlele Mining Consultants 
Ludo Tema, Head of Group Legal, Debswana Diamond Company 
Alison Wixley, Head of Legal and Risk, Bidvest Freight 

10:45 AM – 11:00 AM | Coffee and Networking Break

11:00 AM – 11:15 AM | Legal & Regulatory Information Sourcing: Developing Strategies and Winning with Information You Can Trust 

Coping with increased regulation and keeping knowledge up-to-date are among the top challenges identified by inhouse legal departments working in Africa. Access to technology-enabled legal research gives inhouse and compliance teams a significant advantage and a winning edge to support their stakeholders. The COVID-19 pandemic further introduced great opportunity to transition into electronic resources. This session will analyse one of the solutions employed by key companies on the continent and introduce concepts such as API integration.
Russell Tarr, CCO Afriwise

11:15 AM – 12:30 PM | Embracing & Sustaining Change In-House 
A world of organisational change, constant technological advancement and disruption have become the new norm for the context in which many chief legal officers operate. As the skill-set evolves for modern in-house counsel to focus more on business acumen how can the GC become a catalyst for change within an organisation? With input from the floor, the speakers will discuss their journey of embracing change, strategies to implement technology transformations and smart collaboration to drive value, as well as key tips to create a legal team that is agile and can respond to fast-moving events.  
Moderator: Jo-Ann David, Chief Counsel Sub Saharan Africa, Mondelēz International
Wellington Chimwaradze, Vice President Legal Africa, Unilever 
Luche Joubert, Head of Legal Services, Remgro 

Desiree Nafte, Legal Executive, Hyprop 

12:30 PM – 13:30 PM | Lunch and Networking Break

13:30 PM - 14:15 PM | Leading with Authenticity  

What is the role of authenticity in leadership?  Can embracing your authentic self accelerate your leadership? Our panel will explore the natural proclivity towards creating a public version of oneself, based on others' expectations of "a leader". Teams feed off of leaders who are purposeful, but what else matters? How can leaders sustain and remain faithful to their purpose over many years? The speakers, with input from the floor, will discuss among other things how they have embraced non-traditional leadership qualities, curated a personal brand, and gained influence within their organisation. 
Moderator: Natasha Pramchand, VP General Counsel Corporate and Commercial COE, Massmart 
Bertrandt Delport, Legal Director - AsiaPac Middle East & Africa, Country Manager - SSA, BT

Jeannine Naude Viljoen, Vice President, General Counsel, TransUnion Africa 
Kubashnie Pillay, Director Legal and Compliance, Afrox

Lindi Atieno Vundla, Former Senior Counsel: Sub-Saharan Africa, Uber 

14:15 PM – 15:00 PM | The Future is What? - Navigating Employee Needs and Creating Agile Workforces 
Following the upheaval of the pandemic, are businesses really charting a different course than existed before?  And, is there a real risk of a backlash from employees due to a misalignment of expectations between leaders and employees?  In this session, GLL Members will discuss how they have ensured their team remains adaptable, agile and flexible. The speakers will share how their organisations are transforming to fit employees’ needs and will discuss the future of work and company culture. 
Moderator: Carina Wessels, Executive: Governance, Legal and Compliance, Alexander Forbes
Tania Els, Regional General Counsel - Legal, Risk & Compliance (Southern & Eastern Africa), Bollor
é Transport & Logistics 
Lisa Laporte, Group Executive: Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Adcorp
Sandro Milo, Partner and Head of the South African Employment Law Practice,
 Eversheds Sutherland
Annabelle Thomas, General Counsel, L'Oréal South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa

15:00 PM – 15:15 PM | Coffee and Networking Break

15:15 PM - 16:00 PM | Data Privacy Implications & Challenges: Building Your Compliance Playbook 
Our speakers outline the new privacy regulations and the latest key development in data protection law. They will discuss how they have built their compliance playbook as we look ahead at 2022 and beyond.

Moderator: Alison Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa 
Rikesh Bolasing, Group Compliance Lead, Life Healthcare 
Yolandi Jukes, Corporate Senior Manager: Legal and Compliance, JD Group 
Monique Leask, Data Governance Specialist, Sun International 
Toyah Leigh Da Silva Pfafferott, Senior Legal Advisor, Sun International 

16:00 PM – 17:00 PM | Closing Keynote - 'Never Fight The Ocean' 
In this session, Conn guides the audience to harness the challenges they face - to get them to where they want to go. Using his experience as a Big Wave Surfer, Cancer Survivor, Creative Strategist and award-winning social entrepreneur, Conn uses creativity, storytelling and the science of psychoneuroimmunology to help reframe the things we fear, for the better. Conn will both inspire and enable you with the tools to ultimately start becoming happier, healthier and as he likes to say, harder to kill. 
Conn Bertish, Trainer of Creativity & Resilience

17:00 PM  Closing Comments from the Co-Chairs
Natasha Pramchand, VP General Counsel Corporate and Commercial COE, Massmart 
Lindi Atieno Vundla, Former Senior Counsel: Sub-Saharan Africa, Uber