WIPL Mission Statement - Our Commitment to Diversity

For over a decade, WIPL has been a forum whose purpose is to drive meaningful conversations and actionable solutions surrounding diversity, equality, and inclusion within the legal community - while also uplifting and celebrating those who identify as women in the industry.  
  • We seek to invite and include anybody who shares our values and wishes to join in the conversation.  
  • We are committed to enabling an open and welcoming environment for all of our stakeholders and ensuring everyone is treated as equal.
  • We want all of our partners to understand how important diversity & inclusion is to our community, so we will align ourselves with those who can demonstrate that they hold diversity, equality & inclusion in similar regard.  
  • We strive to ensure WIPL remains a platform to uplift and elevate the voices of various speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds and under-represented communities - as well as a forum that continues to drive the important issues surrounding diversity and inclusion forward.