The Asian Lawyer, in association with The American Lawyer, China Law & Practice and Legal Week, hosts the Asia Legal Awards, where the region's top lawyers, law firms, and in-house teams gather to celebrate their most stellar achievements of the year.

As Asia’s most renowned ceremony for the legal elite, The Asia Legal Awards honor the best work in the region. Across our coverage of practice areas and disciplines we intend to identify the most important transactions and cases with the most complex and outstanding legal work in Asia.

This contest is open to all firms with offices in Asia. 

We added a few new categories to the 2019 awards, including Litigation and Investigations Lawyer of the Year, Energy and Infrastructure Lawyer of the Year, Trade Lawyer of the Year, and Alternative Legal Service Offering of the Year.

We continue with our grand prizes to acknowledge the best law firms and firm leaders in Asia over the past year with our grand prize awards Asian/International Law Firm Leader of the Year, Grand Asian/International Law Firm of the Year.
We will honor in-house legal teams in our In-House Legal Department of the Year category.

Decisions will be made by the editorial staff of The Asian Lawyer, The American Lawyer, China Law & Practice and Legal Week. ALM’s award-winning publications have long been known for their journalistic merit and absolute commitment to editorial independence and integrity. These awards will fall squarely in that tradition.