Day 1 (Wednesday, 15 March 2023)

13:30 - Welcome Lunch

15:00 - Opening Comments from the Chairs; Tina Wüstemann, Werner Jahnel

15:05 - First exchange: Insolvent Trusts – the effect of the Halabi case on trustees of solvent trusts

  • What effect will it have on DORAs?
  • How will retiring trustees protect themselves?
  • Will trustees be prepared to take on liabilities?
  • What trust deed drafting changes will this precipitate?

Facilitators: Nick Jacob, Mario Cohn

15:45 - Second Exchange: Forced heirship: Is there a common standard and understanding of the
concept: How and when is the forced heirship violated in various jurisdictions? When and under
which circumstances does a trust or foundation set up by a deceased violate forced heirship rules?
Time limits relevant for violation of forced heirship? Worldwide enforcement of
judgments/arbitral awards deciding on violation of forced heirship
Facilitators: Sonia Velasco, Hannes Arnold

16:25 - Third exchange: Protectors: A useful addition or an additional burden? What are the
protector’s role/powers/duties/responsibilities? Facilitators: Keith Robinson, Richard
Wilson KC

19:00 - Après ski without ski avant
19:45 - Dinner

Day 2 (Thursday, 16 March 2023)

10:00 -  Fourth exchange: Domicile/habitual residence: What do the different concepts imply and
what is their practical relevance in estate, trust and divorce law?
Facilitators: Camilla Baldwin, Tanja Schienke

11:00 - Fifth exchange: How do we deal with clients in law firms: challenges / cultural differences /
expectations / needs;
Facilitators. Matthew Sperry, Patricia Guerra

12:00 - Final exchange: Lessons to be learned: A Potpourri of our craziest cases. Facilitators: Tina Wüstemann, Werner Jahnel

13:00 - Lunch (Hotel)