Why send a team to Perfecting Your Pitch?

  A) Practical training that is as close as it gets to real life.
  B) Opportunity for women to sharpen their skills
  C) Develop relationships and community with senior in-house lawyers.
  D) The depth and breadth of the in-house faculty valuable
  E) Firm team-building and morale
  F) Gain insight directly from in-house lawyers on what they look for in a pitch.

How does Perfecting Your Pitch Work?

  A) Law Firms send teams of up to five women lawyers to pitch in-house lawyers in response to a fictional fact pattern.
  B) Each law firm team of up to five women will pitch twice to two different panels of in-house lawyers
  C) Each pitch session is one hour in duration.
  D) The scenario is fictional though the in-house lawyers and the opportunity to impress is real.

When does the law firm receive the Fictional Fact Pattern?

  A) The Fact Pattern is distributed to all participating law firm teams beginning six weeks out from the event.
  B) Each law firm team receives the same Fact Pattern.
  C) The in-house lawyers are also given the scenario in advance and are prepare to ask the types of questions they would in a real life pitch session – both on substantive legal aspects of the scenarios, pricing and approach.

How are the presentations run?

  A) Each presenting team will have 1 hour with a 2 different panels of in-house lawyers.
  B) Be prepared to have a minimum of 8 copies of your presentation.
  C) There is no audio/visual equipment in the pitch rooms.