Full Name
Josh Kreamer
Job Title
Head of Legal Services
Speaker Bio
Josh is a team builder, strategist and leading mind in the Legal AI and Data Discovery spaces, with over fifteen years of experience in-house, at technology vendors and law firms. As Head of Legal Services, Josh builds teams and designs enterprise-level solutions that leverage common needs and economies of scale to save millions across AstraZeneca each year, while appropriately managing risk.
Building a successful department that embraces the future of work through cross-functional capabilities, modern data solutions and machine learning has made Josh a trusted strategic advisor to senior executives and a critical partner to key stakeholders in Legal, Compliance, HR, IT and M&A. Josh is a faculty member at the eDiscovery Institute (EDI), the Summit On Legal Innovation and Disruption (SOLID), a guest lecturer at Columbia and a member of the New York and DC Bars.
Josh Kreamer