Full Name
Todd Itami
Job Title
Partner / Director
Gilbert LLP
Speaker Bio
Todd Itami has extensive experience advising top global companies in the field of electronic discovery (e-discovery, eDiscovery) in a wide range of litigation and investigation matters, including insurance recovery, antitrust, patent, products liability, white collar, and other complex commercial disputes. He has been described as “a world leader in the application of technical e-discovery skills,” and has led e-discovery efforts and solved legal problems on cases of all sizes—from small private disputes to some of the largest litigations and investigations in U.S. history.

Todd’s unique intersectional approach to e-discovery law is helping to shape this this fast-moving field. He combines top-shelf legal experience with substantial technical knowledge in machine learning, programming analytics, software development, computer hardware, database architecture, and the use of emerging technologies.  Todd counsels clients on all aspects of e-discovery, from the most technical details of digital forensics, structured and unstructured data, and preservation of data warehouse environments to traditional legal negotiations, briefing, depositions, and trials. He is well-versed in strategic software deployment, both as a primary author of bespoke software solutions and as a leader of larger software development projects. He has also saved his clients millions of dollars through workflow automation and optimization.

Todd serves as Gilbert’s Director of Artificial Intelligence, Information Management, and E-Discovery.
Todd Itami