Full Name
Edward Macnamara
Job Title
Chief Innovation Officer
ArentFox Schiff LLP
Speaker Bio
Ed Macnamara serves as the Chief Innovation Officer at ArentFox Schiff, where he spearheads initiatives to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. His primary responsibilities include educating firm clients on innovative tools and processes, reviewing existing systems, and recommending improvements. He also collaborates closely with the Administrative Chiefs to identify opportunities for increased efficiency. In 2021, Ed played a pivotal role in launching the Prometheus Project. This groundbreaking program integrates innovation into the firm's culture by encouraging associates to critically examine their work processes. The Innovation Team, under Ed's leadership, works with associates to refine their ideas, ensuring they consider multiple perspectives – client value, firm value, and firm efficiency. At the end of the program, associates present their proposed solutions to a group of partners who, along with the Innovation Team, decide whether to invest in resolving the identified problem.
Edward Macnamara