Full Name
Ed Estrada
Job Title
Founder and Adjunct Professor of Law
Estrada Legal Services and Cornell Tech
Speaker Bio
Ed is a trusted advisor to law firm leaders and a skilled consultant with a track record of solving individual through firm wide business issues. He brings diverse perspectives to his work, having worked at local, national and global law firms during 25 years in private practice, developing a leading global legal practice and working with and advising two global chairs during his last 15 years in law firm management.

Ed founded Estrada Legal Consulting to work with law firms to create, implement and track business strategies, and to re-evaluate and refine in process strategies. A key focus of that work includes structuring, analyzing and translating data to inform progress and create actionable tasks for business units and their leaders. He also advises on maximizing industry group performance, assessment of new markets and existing market positioning, and the assessment of combination opportunities.

A hallmark of his work is listening to his clients' needs and tailoring pragmatic and meaningful solutions that address the issues and do so in a way that is consistent with firm culture and results in sustainable growth.

He provides market insight from his network of clients and other professionals across Global 100 and AmLaw 200+ firms, and through his frequent speaking engagements across the legal industry.
Ed Estrada