Full Name
Gina Buser
Job Title
Traveling Coaches, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Gina Buser has spent over 30 years serving the legal community, the first seven inside law firms and the last 24 as a strategic consultant and business partner. She has provided thought leadership as a speaker and author covering leadership, change management and user adoption, security strategies and awareness, legal technology trends, and effective adult learning programs. Gina has worked with thousands of law firms and corporate legal departments to make long-lasting cultural changes within their organizations, which has impacted hundreds of thousands of professionals. Her leadership has driven Traveling Coaches to continually adapt to the needs of the legal community and develop new products and services, such as the OnGuard® Security Awareness Program and LegalMind® Learning Solution. Gina was named ILTA’s Thought Leader of the Year in 2012, and Traveling Coaches has been awarded Business Partner of the Year (2019), Consultant of the Year (2018, 2016 and 2012) and Solution Provider of the Year (2013).
Gina Buser