Full Name
Sean Callagy
Job Title
Principal at Callagy Law & Co - Founder
Speaker Bio
Sean Callagy is an entrepreneur, national speaker, philanthropist, one of America’s top trial
attorneys, online personality, and creator of various peak performance technologies.
Oh, and he’s a legally blind warrior and adventurer.
For 25 years, aided by his unique insights, love for people, ability to “see” and create
transformational breakthroughs, Sean has achieved and co-created an incredibly diverse variety
of unique successes. Sean has been favorably compared to some of the top speakers and
influencers in the world.
As a byproduct of his technologies, Mr. Callagy is one of only two attorneys out of 1,220,000
attorneys in America to achieve 2 Top 100 National Jury Verdicts between 2014 and 2016, and
the only one who was legally blind. He has also collected more than half a billion dollars on
behalf of his healthcare clients, built and sold a 40 person law firm in a little over a year in his
twenties when he was only two years out of law school (all which is very rare in the legal world),
created the most rapidly successful training, coaching and development program from his
coaching school out of anyone who had ever attended the coaching school and certification
program at that time, publicly spoke more than 1,000 times to audiences that are consistently
shocked to “see what they didn’t see” in their lives, careers, and businesses.
Mr. Callagy is the Founder and President of Callagy Law, a more than 100+ team with offices in
5 states, Founder of his own charitable foundation, the Callagy Christian Foundation, which he
funded up front with a personal donation of over 7 figures, Founder of the investment company
Callagy Enterprises, and Callagy Training and Development, which empowers and co-creates
results that fulfill dreams through his unparalleled human breakthrough technologies.
Mr. Callagy is the creator of the Callagy Results Formula, also known as the Unblinded Formula,
Sean Callagy