Full Name
Rajneesh Chhabra
Job Title
Secure Engage Inc.
Speaker Bio
"With over 20 years of work experience in the technology, innovation, legal, and cybersecurity domains, Raj is a passionate and driven tech entrepreneur who founded Secure Engage, a platform for end-to-end relationship management of law firms. He has a strong background in organizational leadership and business management, having completed an executive MBA Alt (PLDA) at Harvard Business School and a Certification in Advanced Cyber Security from Stanford University.

Prior to launching Secure Engage, He worked at BMO for 15+ years, where he worked with the legal, corporate, and compliance group on several projects and strategic initiatives. Introducing, analyzing, and developing disruptive technologies.

He's known for being a strong mentor to entrepreneurs and a coach. Outside of work, He is passionate about continuous learning, mentoring young people and outdoor activities with his family."
Rajneesh Chhabra