Date & Time
Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
The Results Are In: What Global Regulators Expect of Legal and Discovery Teams in 2021

Corporate legal and eDiscovery teams are frequently asked to produce information in response to a regulatory inquiry, making it imperative for in-house and outside counsel to understand the perspectives of regulatory agencies around the world. While these projects are challenging – for global organizations the complexity and challenges can quickly escalate given the unique needs and requirements of each regulatory agency.

To better understand key issues and best practices for these global regulators - particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic - Ari Kaplan Advisors interviewed 31 regulators responsible for securities, financial services, and competition in 18 countries to discuss their best practices, technology protocols, agency enforcement strategies, and data sharing preferences. 

Whether you’re working for a regulator, a highly regulated corporation, or a legal or advisory firm that gets called in to help, you should be well-equipped to address the following key points:

-How do regulators choose which cases to investigate?
-What kind of warning can companies expect if they’re about to be investigated?
-What forms of enforcement do regulators use most often?
-Who makes best use of advanced technologies such as machine learning?


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