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Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
The Journey to Becoming a Connected Firm

In 1911, Fredrick Taylor authored the book, "The Principles of Scientific Management". His focus was on improving processes in manual loading. It was these principles that led to improved military logistics, intermodal shipping and eventually leveraging technology to do Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which has transformed supply chain management.

The legal market is undergoing a similar transformation. Requirements for billing, diversity, pricing and more, which have been established by CLOC and others, are forcing firms to better connect their operations to meet client requirements. Advances in technology and data science are breaking open new opportunities to further transform this space. Not many people would argue that moving your firms people, process and data to a more connected state is a good idea. Putting plans in action to get there can be more challenging.

Hear perspectives from law firm executives as to how they are managing their firm’s journey to being a more connected firm. This interactive workshop will focus on the 4 areas of improvement opportunities: (1) Establishing a scalable data foundation; (2) Improving your firms go to market plan and execution; (3) Creatively pricing to win; and (4) Managing risk across the engagement lifecycle


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