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Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
The New Wave of Cyber Attack Techniques are Here. Is your Firm Prepared?

Do I need to worry about a cyber attack? What are the risks?

Everyone needs to be concerned with cyber attacks, these days. It’s a myth that only large organizations need to be concerned about hackers trying to get their information.

What's at risk? Your reputation, financial stability and valuable clients if your data is exposed. 

Join us to hear from Craig Sixta, CISSP, from Element Technologies and David Hansen, CISSP and Elizabeth Benegas from NetDocuments as they discuss the reality, dangers and risks of hackers and cyber attacks to small and medium law firms.

You’ll learn:
• The danger of cyber attacks
• New waves of attack techniques
• Live demonstration how cyber attacks happen
• Ways to fight against cyber attacks
• And more


  • Craig Sixta, CISSP, VP Security and Compliance, Element Technologies
  • David Hansen, CISSP, VP Compliance in General and Administrative, NetDocuments
  • Elizabeth Benegas, General Counsel, NetDocuments

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