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Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
Pandemic and eDiscovery: How COVID-19 is Pushing Corporate Legal Teams to Innovate

In-house legal teams working on eDiscovery have long focused on “processing to production” workflows. But in the wake of COVID-19—and a dramatic shift in where and how businesses are working and communicating—these same legal teams find themselves increasingly responsible for the monitoring and collection of data from new sources (M365, Teams, etc.).

During this session, we will focus on two case studies featuring in-house legal teams that have expanded their definition of eDiscovery to adjust to these new realities and learn how they have addressed both the technical and legal challenges of this change.


  • Emily Tice, Vice President of Customer Experiences, Nuix Discover
  • Ari Kaplan, Principal - Ari Kaplan Advisors
  • Alison Stanton, Director & Associate General Counsel, eDiscovery and Information Governance - Facebook
  • Tracy Ann Eggen, Manager, eDiscovery & Information Governance - CommonSpirit Health
  • Toby Stinson, Manager, Law Data & Applications - Chevron

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