Date & Time
Thursday, February 1, 2024, 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
Regulatory Innovation (and Modernization?): Staying Ahead in Financial Services Compliance and Licensing

This session focuses on "Regulatory and Licensing Updates" and will provide an overview of the latest developments and changes in the regulatory and licensing landscape within the financial services industry. We will cover critical updates on regulations, compliance requirements, and licensing that directly impact financial institutions and service providers.

Key takeaways include:

  • Current Regulatory Trends: Discuss the latest trends in financial regulations, highlighting how regulatory bodies are adapting to the ever-changing financial services landscape. This will include insights into new legislation, rules, and directives.
  • Technology and Compliance: The role of technology in facilitating compliance and regulatory adherence will be a central theme. Attendees will learn about innovative tools and solutions that can help streamline compliance efforts and reduce the associated costs. This topic will mention the sponsors of this session.
  • Compliance Challenges: The panel will address the challenges and complexities that financial organizations face in meeting regulatory requirements. We will aim to provide practical guidance on how to navigate these challenges and implement effective compliance strategies.
  • Licensing Updates: Attendees will gain insights into the latest updates regarding licensing processes and requirements for financial services providers. This information is crucial for businesses seeking to enter new markets and/or expand their service offerings.
  • Risk Management: The session will emphasize the importance of robust risk management in the context of evolving regulations. Participants will receive insights on how to develop effective risk mitigation strategies while staying compliant with changing rules.

This session will serve as a vital resource for legal and compliance lawyers, professionals, and organizations within the industry. It will equip them with the knowledge and strategies needed to adapt to the dynamic regulatory environment, maintain compliance, and continue providing effective financial services to clients.

Location Name
Sutton North