Date & Time
Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Operationalizing Data Privacy to Create Scalable, Repeatable, and Adaptable Programs that Reduce Risk

This session offers practical guidance on how to implement a data privacy governance strategy that offers scalable, repeatable, and adaptable tools and processes that protect privacy, reduce risk exposure, and increase transparency. Discussion topics include: 

  • Which¬†stakeholders need to be involved in developing a scalable and flexible data governance framework¬†
  • How to combine regulatory compliance with best practices in data privacy operations to create a winning data privacy operations strategy
  • The mix of internal, semi-external, and external tools you should consider to maintain compliance and manage data effectively
  • How to identify gaps in data privacy controls and performance
  • Creating a thriving data privacy culture
  • Current demands on and hot-button issues for data privacy operations leaders


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