Date & Time
Monday, January 29, 2024, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Bridging the Gap: Actionable Opportunities for Firm-Academic Technology Collaboration

The disconnect between law school and practice has always been a challenge, and when it comes to legal tech the gap is even more significant. How can law schools build more future-ready lawyers? What do law firms want to see when hiring tech-fluent attorneys? How do we train future legal technologist better? The answer lies within collaboration, but it can be a challenge to identify, find and develop such partnerships.

This program will discuss how to pursue academic and law firm/legal entity collaboration that will better train law students to be tech fluent and tech forward practitioners ready to meet the ever-changing burden of technical competency required for the ethical practice of law. The discussion will draw on lessons learned through a series of prior, ongoing, and future collaborations which the panelists have been a part of, both collectively and individually.

These collaborations have allowed firm legal tech experts to have a direct hand in curriculum development and provided students with real-life exposure to a host of business, innovation problem-solving, design-thinking, and other tech-forward skills. Panelists will share their experience and insights on how partnerships can be established and sustained to meet the challenge of building the tech-fluent lawyers of the future.

The focus of the discussion will be to highlight best practices for making these types of partnerships practical and achievable for any interested academic or practitioner or vendor.

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Sutton North