Monday, January 29, 2024 | 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM  |  

The 2024 AI Workshop at Legalweek will include three discussions: 

Discussion One

1:30 PM   |   AI IRL — Practical and Effective AI Use Cases for Legal

We’ll begin our discussion by exploring current, practical applications of AI in the legal sector, emphasizing real-world effectiveness over theoretical potential. Panelists will provide tips and insights on distinguishing between AI tools that offer genuine value and those that are merely overhyped solutions in search of a problem.

Discussion Two

2:45 PM   |   Controlling the Rise of the Machines: Strategies for Safe AI Implementation and Mitigating Shadow IT Risks in Legal

This discussion will engage participants in developing concrete strategies for drafting, implementing and enforcing AI use policies within their organizations. Panelists will touch on the evolving nature of governance in the face of AI advancements and how governance is changing in reaction to AI, the conversations that need to be had, and anticipated future governance trends. The session will also tackle the challenge of 'shadow IT' -- the use of unauthorized or unmanaged tech by employees -- and offer practical solutions to manage these risks.

Discussion Three

4:00 PM   |   The Room Where it Happens: Identifying and Engaging the Essential Stakeholders in AI Initiatives

Panelists will discuss the importance of collaborative dialogue in successfully implementing AI and identify the key stakeholders necessary to achieve organization-wide success with AI. This session will highlight how different perspectives can contribute to more effective and ethical AI solutions, explore how stakeholder buy-in impacts adoption, and provide a dynamic platform for attendees to identify and discuss the crucial stakeholders necessary for the success of AI initiatives in their organizations.

Discussion topics include:

  • Practical insights into effective, real-world AI applications in legal tech
  • Strategies for developing robust governance frameworks around AI use
  • Tools for implementing AI policies and addressing shadow IT challenges
  • Techniques for engaging and managing diverse stakeholders in AI initiatives
  • A roadmap for effectively and ethically integrating AI into legal practices