PLEASE NOTE: The Middle East Legal Awards 2022 provides a unique opportunity for lawyers to gather to network and celebrate the profession's achievements. In order to foster this sense of occasion, it is not possible to advise finalists whether they have won or not. We respectfully request that law firms and corporate counsel only submit an entry if they intend to be present at the Awards evening.


Anyone can submit an entry, as long as they or the firm/company/individual they are entering meet the criteria for the relevant category.
There is a strict limit of one entry per law firm or in-house legal department per category.
For team awards the entries are required to focus on work on a single deal or case. The period covered by these awards is from 1 January 2021. While initiatives, deals or cases may have commenced before that time, the focus of the entry must be within the stated period. It will sometimes be acceptable to enter incomplete deals or cases, however there must have been significant developments during the period under review.
For the purposes of these awards the Middle East is defined as including Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco but excluding Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Submission process

Entries must be submitted using the awards’ online portal. The online forms for each category are divided into sections with strict word limits and instructions outlining the information that is required. While we encourage you to use the online forms, you may upload your entry as an attachment. However, if you do upload your entry, be sure to follow the same instructions as the online form and meet the required word limit for each section; please also include the word count for each section on your document. Entries that exceed the word counts will be disqualified.

Advice on how to put together a submission

Your entry should seek to ‘tell the story' of your achievements while also demonstrating how you have excelled against all the criteria. The weakest part of many entries last year was the failure to include clear evidence of achievement or explanation of why the achievement was significant or innovative. The judges will be harsh on entries that do not include clear statements of objectives and targets supported by evidence that these targets were reached. For example, if business growth is the target, achievement of it should be demonstrated in measurable terms.
All the information contained in the entries that is marked confidential will remain so, and will not be released without the permission of the entrant. However, please do not submit entries that are entirely confidential. This is because winning entries are written up and published on and other ALM Media titles. This is one of the major benefits of winning an award.

Supporting material

There is a strict limit of one piece of supporting material per entry. It is not obligatory to include supporting material: indeed it could count against you if the material is not pertinent to the entry. If you do include such material (which must be in digital form) please refer to it in your main submission.