"Innovation is unique effort, it is all about unknowns and exploring uncharted territories. They are usually surprising, insightful, courageous efforts that are out of ordinary. In my experience - Award nomination allows you to sit down and reflect on what you and your team have achieved, what the benefits are and share them with the world (and clients). Winning is not an intrinsic quality of innovation but sharing innovative ideas, lesson learned and effort put definitely is. Award nomination is mostly about sharing your innovative ideas within your organisation and even more importantly with wider business and client eco-system that can benefit them.

It is delightful and a bit of magical to sit down and review hundreds of innovative ideas/submissions from the impressive minds of the legal industry. Every year, my "what-can-be-new-this-year" thinking is taken to pieces by real ingenuity and consistent creativity of human (and legal) minds.”

- Milos Kresojevic, Founding Partner, AI.Legal Labs

“Having been a judge for the Legal Week Innovation Awards since 2016, I have been very impressed by the calibre of entries. The best innovation is not limited by size: smaller and boutique firms can be just as innovative as their larger counterparts. In judging entries, you look beyond big brand names to evaluate each submission entirely on its own merits.

The most critical factor of a good entry is clear exposition of what innovation has been achieved that differentiates it from the competition and delivers genuine value for the client. Those who believe that they have developed an innovative service which meets these criteria, ideally supported by testimonials, should definitely submit an entry. If you believe that what you have done is genuinely innovative, the judges may well agree!”

- Dominic Carman, Writer & Journalist

“Why enter? Receiving an industry award will enhance your reputation and professional credibility as an innovator and iconoclast. If you are a provider, it may also generate sales growth and boost brand recognition. So what are you waiting for?”

- Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, CEO, Buying Legal Counsel

“I have really enjoyed judging the Legal Week Innovation Awards. There’s a great mix of judges and very robust (but good-natured) debate which ensures all entries are rigorously challenged on their merits from a variety of perspectives. There is a collective intent not to be distracted by innovation itself, but to focus on the tangible outcomes achieved through innovation. The end result is a meaningful set of awards that the entrants know will have been hard-earned.”

- Jeremy Hopkins, Head of Client Services, Field Seymour Parkes