Full Name
Aureliano Gonzalez
Job Title
Managing Partner
Bryan Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz
Speaker Bio
Aureliano Gonzalez-Baz, TEP, is the Director of the International Wealth Planning Practice of Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz. He has worked on tax and all other matters for UHNW families for over 36 years, structuring tax investments, estate and succession matters for UHNW Families from a Mexican and international tax point of view, implementing international investments and real-estate, estate structures and repatriation of profits and foreign funds to Mexico and other countries, remediation of Mexican tax deficiencies, covering all tax issues in Mexico and other countries where there are heirs, beneficiaries, etc., with two or more citizenships. His activities take into consideration exchange of information agreements of the OECD and Common Reporting Standards as well as application of FATCA of the United States. He is a frequent speaker on international forums on these matters.