Matrimonial property regimes on planning, succession and transition: Watch out, roadblock ahead
Date & Time
, 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Marcus Dearle Dearle Winnie Chow
  • Enforcement of prenuptial agreements in Hong Kong and the PRC. Is there any difference between the treatment of prenups in England & Wales and Hong Kong?
  • How important are prenups, midnups and postnups going to be in the future from the perspective of protecting family relationships and the armageddon of divorce. Is technology going to play any major part in their preparation in the future?
  • Discretionary Trusts (based in the usual jurisdictions –also in the USA): are they safe from attack in Hong Kong, PRC and England & Wales? Or is there a road block in place now or ahead? Can you make trusts safe/safer from attack. Are trustees/ private banks/trust companies sometimes too interested in the money in the account than the suitability of the wrapper the money is held in.
  • The latest case law on divorce and trusts and prenups in Hong Kong and the PRC.