Full Name
Allison Myers
Job Title
Sr. Director, Analytics
Speaker Bio
Allison Myers is a Manager of Data Analytics at Consilio, a global leader in Legal Consulting & Legal Services.Allison specializes in providing Fortune 500 corporations and their counsel with fully customized analytics solutions to e-discovery document review for complex legal matters. She helps lead a team with a unique skillset that combines legal training and technical aptitude. The dual skill set facilitates easy communication between clients and technical support to ensure objectives are clearly understood and effectively met. She helps lead a team who consults clients on how to leverage analytics tools to make document review more efficient and to lower costs. Allison concentrates on providing clients and counsel with a comprehensive view of data to identify which analytics tool is most appropriate to achieve client objectives. Through search term analysis, email threading, conceptual searching, technology assisted review and continuous active learning, Allison can create tailored results for each client to best suit his needs. Given the expanding scope of e-discovery, crafting of bespoke solutions is increasingly important. Allison is licensed in North Carolina and Virginia. She has a dozen years experience in the e-discovery field, the last 6 of which have been focused on analytics. She has enjoyed being a guest lecturer on analytics in e-Discovery at Suffolk Law schoo
Allison Myers