Full Name
Adam Kuhn
Job Title
Principal Solutions Consultant
Speaker Bio
Adam Kuhn is a Principal Solutions Consultant at OpenText Discovery and an eDiscovery lawyer in San Francisco, California. Adam works with some of the world’s largest enterprises, law firms, and regulators on their legal technology programs and practices with a focus on the innovative application of AI to legal services. He holds an advanced certification for OpenText Axcelerate and received the Rossman award from the USPTO Society for his contributions to legal scholarship. Adam’s projects at OpenText have included drafting an amicus brief on the use of automated redactions, partnering with a law firm to design and promote new AI applications, and curating a case law database of all published court orders impacting the use of machine learning in eDiscovery (available at www.predictivecoding.com). In 2017, Adam was featured on Legaltech News’ list of 18 millennials changing the face of legal technology.

Adam joined Recommind in 2014 prior to its acquisition by OpenText in 2016. Before that, Adam was an eDiscovery analyst at a Fortune 500 company and an associate consultant focused on complex trademark and patent disputes and damages. Adam received his JD and MBA from the University of San Francisco, his BA from New York University, and is CIPP/US certified. Adam is also a Senior McCarthy Institute Research Fellow at Golden Gate University where he helps law students research, write, and publish original scholarship. Reach him at akn@opentext.com
Adam Kuhn