Full Name
Joe Dewey
Job Title
Holland & Knight LLP
Speaker Bio
Josias "Joe" N. Dewey serves as Holland & Knight’s Innovation Partner and chair of its Innovation Committee. He is a member of the firm’s Practice & Operations Committee and also serves as a co-chair of the firm’s Technology Industry Sector Group. Mr. Dewey maintains a financial services and real estate finance practice. Over the last five years, his practice has expanded to include extensive experience handling matters involving blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Mr. Dewey is the co-author of the book, "The Blockchain: A Guide for Legal and Business Professionals," published by Thomson Reuters.
Mr. Dewey is also an experienced software developer who has developed workflow applications to speed up the lifecycle of financing and other transactions by reducing the inefficiencies caused by repetitive, process level tasks, such as manual transcription of deal terms and tracking the status of closing deliveries. By leveraging machine learning models and natural language processing tools, Mr. Dewey and his team are able to automate many of these manual processes. In 2018, Mr. Dewey was named by the Financial Times as one of the ten most innovative lawyers in North America.
Mr. Dewey is also an adjunct professor of law at the University of Miami School of Law, teaching a real estate transactions course where he places a heavy emphasis on how technology is changing the way transactions are structured and counter party risks are allocated, as well as what skills students will need to succeed in law during the next 20 years and into the future
Joe Dewey