Information Governance, Analytics & Privacy— How Do Information Governance and Analytics Advance Privacy Protections?
Date & Time
Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Michael Rutty Lisa Bloomberg Jeffrey Bandman Mary Mack Jason Velasco

Digital transformation is changing our lives. Social media, digital collaboration, and online business transactions make life easier and richer. Individuals readily share information about their interests, purchasing habits, connections, health, finances, and more. All this information represents a potential gold mine for the business world.

But this transformation comes with increased risks—to businesses in the form of compliance requirements and to individuals in the form of privacy concerns. Jurisdictions around the world are enacting privacy and data protection regulations to protect individuals from those seeking to take advantage of this rapidly evolving data environment.

To respond to these challenges, organizations need a proactive information governance framework broad enough to cover the needs of global privacy requirements, yet flexible enough to support their needs in different stages of business maturity and it requires analytics at its core.

With analytics, data becomes a rich store of business value. With analytics, data enables deep insight through enrichments that reduce risk. With analytics, private information is more readily identified enabling an organization to act quickly to ensure it is protected.

Joining analytics to proactive information governance enables organizations to reduce risk and adhere to current & future privacy regulations.

Join Micro Focus and our panel of experts to learn how proactive information governance can be leveraged to:

  • Identify and protect personal data
  • Provide better service to customers
  • Mitigate risk across multiple threat lines
  • Derive greater business value from predictive analytics