WA101 – Finding Uniformity & Standardizing The Use of AI Globally
Date & Time
Monday, February 3, 2020, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Kevin Fumai Huu Nguyen Bert Kaminski Ignatius Grande Natalie Pierce
AI has been and will continue to be used globally but what are the standards and guidelines we should be utilizing when deploying AI technology? While there are commonalities in the way AI is used, at present we don’t see a harmonized set of standards that can be used globally. So, what might a uniformed set of global guidelines look like?
Key takeaways:
  • Reviewing current guidelines set out by various countries to help find commonalities
  • Understanding the best set of policies that should be introduced and tangible steps to create the right actions.
  • Discussing the direction of future guidelines and how it will impact AI usage
Group Exercise: Audience will separate into groups and each group will consider a practice of law (litigation, M&A etc) and the guidelines they would suggest for each practice..
Workshop A – AI Bootcamp 2.0