Full Name
Kim Arnold
Job Title
International Marketing, Branding & Writing Consultant
KNA Communications
Speaker Bio
Kim Arnold is an international branding, marketing and communication expert.

She shows individuals and businesses how to stand out, get heard and connect with clients in our noisy world.

She cut her teeth with financial heavyweights, including Deutsche Bank and Thomson Reuters businesses, where she led large global communication teams across Europe, Asia and the Americas in 10 different countries.

She has spent over two decades getting legal providers, techies, risk managers and many more to ditch their dry corporate jargon and bland branding so they become irresistible to their clients.

As a communication expert, she also shows leading organisations - including top flight law firms, New Law provider LOD, Accenture and UBS Asset Management and Euromoney plc – how to talk and write in a way that inspires action (instead of inducing a coma).

She is a Panel Tutor at The University of Cambridge Institute Of Continuing Education, where she teaches branding and marketing.
Kim Arnold