International is pleased to welcome you to this year’s Women, Influence & Power in Law U.K. Virtual Summit

The past 12 months have tested the legal industry like never before. Long held beliefs about what lawyers look like; when and where they work; and how they engage with clients are changing. Everyone has seen more of their colleague's personal lives thanks to the disruption of work life balance - and for women, that means to some degree, peers and clients understand more the pressures they have always faced.

This conference is designed to provide a space to discuss major issues and themes within our industry against the backdrop of this disruptive period. What have you learned? What can you share? How can we aid each other?

With your help, we have created substantive sessions to grant you deeper understanding of the practice of law and develop insight as a leader in your firm or company. Like everything right now, our conference looks a little different. But our virtual platforms encourage creativity and present information in different ways.

From our amazing live keynote presentations to our interactive panel sessions, this multi-pronged approach captures the very essence of what our event is all about: access to women in the industry that are driving change as they share lessons learned and practical guidance to help you in your role as a legal industry leader.  

We hope this is a milestone experience for you, as we all focus on making the legal industry more inclusive, more diverse, and a better place to work for all lawyers across the globe.

Thank you so much for being a part of this event!

Rose Walker
News Editor, International