SuperConference 2020 Speaker Portal

SuperConference 2020 Faculty Briefing Document
On behalf of everyone at ALM Media, producer of the SuperConference 2020, we would like to express our deep appreciation and enthusiasm for your participation at the event. For a full listing of all that Superconfernce 2020 has to offer, please visit the website. 

Event Registration
ALM will provide you a complimentary full conference registration for the entire event. You will receive a confirmation of your registration from ALM, so there is no need for you to register by phone or conference link. Once you receive your registration link, please access your registration to complete the process, including full contact information, session selections and any dietary restrictions or special requirements you may require.

To update your registration:

  •  Click here
  • Enter in email address
  • Use email that is sent to you to create a new password
  • Once password is set, they will automatically be redirected to a login page
  • Enter in new login in details and can proceed to modify their registration and fill in any info that is missing

As a SuperConference 2020 faculty member, you will have complimentary access to the SuperConference programs, exhibit floor, and the networking opportunities.
PLEASE NOTE: All speakers are responsible for the arrangement and expenses associated with travel and accommodations.

SuperConference 2020 Contact Information
Programming Main Contact:
Megan Furino, Esq.
ALM Senior Conference Producer
(212) 457-7741

Hotel, Exhibit, Shipping Logistics:
Sarah Barton
ALM Senior Event Manager

CLE Inquiries:

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Donald Chalphin
Sales Director
(215) 557-2359

Hotel Information & Reservations
Holiday Inn Chicago-Mart Plaza River North
Apparel Center
350 N Orleans St
Chicago, IL 60654,

About the hotel
Airport Shuttle
Directions Please use Google Maps  350 N Orleans St, Chicago

Hotel Reservations Details:
Please click here to book your accommodation
Room rate: $179 per night + taxes, alternatively please phone: +1-855-268-0372.
Please use group block code: ZLA

Important Deliverables & Deadlines Checklist
Upon acceptance of your participation as a speaker/panelist/moderator:

  • Notification to ALM immediately if you are unable to present during the scheduled session; with a possible option of suggestions of substitute presenters as an option;
  • Download the SuperConference 2020 PowerPoint Template

March, 2020

  • For sessions that seek CLE accreditation: Draft CLE Materials Due (For Panel Moderators)
    • Could be in the form of Whitepaper or 5 to 7 slides on the subject matter. The written materials must be timely and must cover those matters that one would expect for a comprehensive and professional treatment of the subject matter of the course. Brief outlines without citations or explanatory notations are not acceptable.

      The program shall have significant intellectual or practical content and its primary objective shall be to increase the professional legal competency of attorneys in ethics and professionalism, skills, law practice management, areas of professional practice, and/or diversity, inclusion, and elimination of bias.

March - April 2020,  All Participants (Approximately 4-6 weeks before the event)

  • Participation in a pre-event coordination conference call with the conference organizer, and session moderator. Participation in follow-up conference call with session moderator and panelists.

April 1 2020, Wednesday

  • Last day to book hotel room at a discounted rate.

April 7, 2020, Tuesday

  • Final PowerPoint Presentation due
  • Submission of Opt-Out form due (optional)

April 28-29, 2020

  • Be available approximately twenty minutes before your scheduled presentation time for an A/V check. 

Presentation Preparation
It is our intention to provide an overall look and feel for SuperConference 2020 attendees throughout all sessions. We require that you utilize the official 2020 SuperConference powerpoint template. We will not accept slide presentations that have not been formatted using this official 2020 style guide. Please use the color scheme provided within the template including the background and font color choice. Additional details are included for fonts, point size, bullet points, chart and graphs, and references. Please note that the template is in PowerPoint 2007.

Presentation Template (Only if PowerPoint materials are appropriate for your participation)
ALM kindly requests that all presentations utilize the event PowerPoint Template.  All presentations will be in a 16:9 format. To download the presentation template, click here.

Presentation Upload Instructions (Presentations Due: April 7, 2020)
Please upload your presentation here.

Please upload your presentation in a PowerPoint format. We will convert your presentation into a PDF for distribution. Your PPT file will be loaded on our computers for the on-site presentation. Please label your file with your last name. By uploading this presentation, you give the event permission to reproduce the presentation materials in the Conference Proceedings or Mobile App. If you have any proprietary information contained in the presentation, please provide an alternative version or materials (non-promotional related) to distribute to attendees.

Handouts Policy
In order to reduce the volume of paper products used at the conference, the conference will NOT be printing handouts for sessions. Instead, presentations will available for download and printing from the SuperConference website.

Appearance Release & Event Promotion
ALM will promote your appearance in pre-event marketing materials, including brochures, event website, email marketing and social media campaigns for the event. As a presenter for the event, you acknowledge and grant to ALM the right to use your name, likeness, voice, and biographical and other information in connection with the presentation, including for the advertising and promotion of the event.  

ALM appreciates any and all reciprocal marketing by you or your organization. ALM can provide relevant event branding and links to be included in any promotions or marketing done by you and your organization.

ALM Media Press Information / Continuing Education / Presenter Opt-out Form, Deadline, April 7, 2020
As a media and press organization, ALM believes in sharing knowledge through our media properties. ALM serves a community of over six million business professionals seeking to discover, connect and compete in highly complex industries. As an event speaker, you grant ALM the right to use your name, likeness, voice, and biographical and other information concerning you in connection with this event and your participation and contributions thereto.

Also, in order to offer this continuing education, ALM requires the right to audio-record and/or video-record speaker presentations.  Therefore, unless you notify us otherwise by opting out of any option below, by speaking at this event, you grant ALM the  right to record your appearance, including your likeness, voice, sounds and verbal statements on film, videotape, audiotape or digitally and to incorporate, use and reproduce such recording in any format chosen by ALM.  If you provide ALM with any materials for this event (the “Materials”), you grant ALM the right to reproduce such Materials, without any compensation, right of inspection or approval, to accompany this event and other ALM programs.

By agreeing to speak at the event, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth above, unless you specifically opt out of one or more such conditions by timely notifying ALM by downloading and completing the Speaker Opt-Out Form.
Once completed, please submit the form here.

Post-activity Evaluations
It is the policy of ALM Media to conduct post-activity evaluations. These evaluations ask the participant to rate each faculty as to content, relevance to practice, and fair balance. We also ask whether the presentation satisfied the stated objectives. The results of these evaluations are used to plan future continuing education activities and will be shared with you.

Arrival On-site/Session Details
You will be receiving a separate calendar invite that will contain the date, time for your presentation. 
The invite will be updated closer to the event with your room location.

The agenda for SuperConfernce can be located at the SuperConference website.

Event Dress Code
The dress code for the event is business attire.

Event Registration Location - TBA
Upon arrival at the hotel, please proceed to (TBA) of the hotel to pick up your registration badge.

Session Details - Important Things to Remember

  • There will be an ALM representative and a room monitor available before the start of each session.
  • The session format is 60 minutes of content per presentation, which includes a Q&A period. Please plan to reserve a minimum of 10 minutes for audience questions.
  • Your PowerPoint presentation will be loaded into the session laptop and queued. You may bring copy on a USB drive as back-up.
  • Arrive 20 minutes before the session to confirm all AV and room set-ups.
  • If you need AV or technical assistance, please notify an AV technician or a representative.

Room Setup & Audiovisual Equipment
In order to accommodate the maximum number of participants per session, rooms are set up classroom or theater style. It is always a good idea to check the equipment being used for your session prior to the start of your presentation. Please remember to arrive 20 minutes before your session.

Roundtable Sessions
Roundtable session's will be set for a maximum of 20 participants.  No A/V equipment will be provided as these sessions are degined to be highly interactive discussions. 

Technical & Audiovisual Equipment (Session Rooms only)
The following items may be included in each session room:

  • Podium with a wired microphone
  • Wired table microphone(s) for panelists and Q & A
  • LCD projector and screen
  • Slide advancer
  • Laptop computer located at AV table