Full Name
Edith Wong
Job Title
Managing Director
FTI Consulting
Speaker Bio
Edith Wong has more than 18 years of experience leading large-scale fraud and forensic accounting investigations to unravel complex accounting transactions and present findings to major stakeholders and regulatory agencies. She also provides litigation support on issues relating to restitution calculations, false claims, Chapter 11 restructuring investigations and post-acquisition disputes.

Ms. Wong specializes in leading large-scale forensic accounting, fraud and financial investigations involving white-collar crime issues. She is skilled at unraveling financial transactions, accounting records, financial statements and bank statements to uncover facts and wrongdoing in complex investigations. She has extensive experience conducting risk assessments, remediating compliance programs, performing investigative interviews and advising legal counsel. In connection with these engagements, Ms. Wong has presented to the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Ms. Wong provides litigation support to legal counsel on matters ranging from restitution calculations to corporate matters including Ponzi schemes, false claims, shareholder disputes, bankruptcy litigation, management fees and post-acquisition purchase price disputes. She drafts expert reports and assists counsel in all aspects of deposition and trial preparation. Ms. Wong serves as an expert witness on restitution calculations for victims of human trafficking.

Ms. Wong is actively involved in ESG-related research, thought leadership development and panel discussions in the context of risk assessment, disclosures, compliance programs, due diligence and data analytics. Her client matters relating to human trafficking and forced labor have been relied upon by the U.S. Department of Justice. In connection with this work, she was recognized by the Human Trafficking Legal Center as its Advocate of the Year in 2021. Ms. Wong also obtained a certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School.
Edith Wong